How to choose a car without being wrong?

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A car can be essential in certain situations. Read our advice on making the right purchase: a vehicle represents a significant budget and it is essential to know how to choose your model.

You are spoiled for choice for your future car. And that doesn’t make it any easier. Here are some tips to help you choose well and not have to regret your purchase later.

The first advice we give is to know to what size of vehicle you really need. If you are in the city you may have problems parking with a car that is too long.

Choose a small carespecially if you don’t plan to go on vacation by car. But if you like traveling, you will need a larger and more comfortable model, but not necessarily a station wagon which is very difficult to park …

Second tip: before your purchase know estimate the distance that you will need to go through and calculate the fuel consumption that will result.

Then give your preference to the less greedy … and if you plan to do a lot of kilometers choose rather a diesel, which will still be more profitable in the long term.

Third, used or new? New is attractive, but you should know that the market value of a car plummets quite quickly.

Conclusion: a first hand of less than two years is as efficient as a new one but much cheaper to buy. Now you just have to wait for the right period to make your purchase.

Savings Realized

By paying particular attention to certain parameters such as consumption, maintenance or parking, you are more able to easily choose an economical car in the medium and long term.

You will understand that for me, the most interesting cars for an average budget are in the second-hand category of less than two years: they are the ones which will require you the least maintenance for a purchase price much more accessible.

What do you think of these criteria for choosing a car? Do you have any other tips to save money on the purchase?

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