How to Check a Used Car? My Tips For Buying Well.

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You have decided to opt for a used car.

But you still hesitate between several models, and above all, you do not know where and how to find the possible faults?

Discover all our tips for making the right choice and buying smart.

Once upon a time there was a car

The criteria to check before buying a used car

First of all, it is important to learn about car history. This also concerns its age, its mileage, the number of owners who have had the car in hand, the maintenance of the car via the maintenance book and various invoices.

These elements make it possible to make a first selection by eliminating all vehicles with suspicious information or history.

Also, one of your first actions should be to make sure you find the small iron plate with a series of numbers that identifies the car and to certify to you that it has not been stolen. If it’s missing, look no further, it’s the beginning of unpleasant surprises!

Mirror, mirror, tell me who’s the prettiest

check the bodywork before buying a used car

Secondly, check the exterior of the car. Pay your attention to possible traces of rust, keys or scratches on the body, without forgetting to pay particular attention to the condition of the tires.

These are a good indicator of the previous use of its driver.

If they are worn and the grooves are almost gone, it means the car has been driven a lot, and potentially on or off the beaten track.

You can then discuss a discount or request their change at the current owner’s expense.

Let’s be methodical

Thirdly, check the interior of the car.

Make sure the numbers on the meter are aligned (otherwise, it may have been tampered with), that the covers and floor mats are not hiding anything suspicious. Try all the onboard controls, activate the air conditioning.

Finally, remember that the best way to check a used car remains of the test on road and highway.

This will give you a positive taste or not, and project you to know if you feel good on board. Remember to test the condition of the car’s brakes, steering and handling.

And, for the more picky or if this is your first time looking to a used vehicle, take the car to a garage to be sure of its actual condition.

Savings made

Savings on the purchase of a used car

Switching to a used car is the first step in making good savings. It is not uncommon to stumble upon real deals.

But, be careful not to get trapped. Keep in mind that it is quite possible that you get a good deal on the purchase, but then you will be forced to spend a fortune on repeated repairs.

In our view, the best deals are usually done with recent cars (between 1 and 5 years of service), because their Argus rating may have dropped and you benefit from all the options or new generation orders and a car in good condition.

Otherwise, to achieve nice savings, consider looking at the cars of employees of manufacturers. There are real deals! These are very recent vehicles (between 6 months and 1 year), therefore still under warranty, and generally in very good condition.

Your turn…

Have you ever bought a used car? Did this tip help you do it? Tell us in the comments!

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