How to Break a Car Window in an Emergency.

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Hope this never happens to you.

But if one day you get trapped in a car where you need to smash the window from the inside out, here’s what you need to know.

If you don’t have any tools around you to break the glass, your salvation may be right behind your head.

Here’s how to use the headrest on your car seat to smash the car window:

You don’t need to speak Japanese to understand what’s going on in the video above.

This video shows you how to react in seconds.

How to do

1. Detach the headrest from the seat.

2. Insert one of the headrest pegs into the space between the window and the door seal.

3. Tap the headrest 2 or 3 times to bring the ankle a few centimeters into the door.

4. Then, pull the headrest towards you, which will flex the window sideways.

As a result, the glass breaks easily.

Since it is usually safety glass that is used, it will shatter and fall apart without the risk of cutting yourself.


There you go, you can now get out of the car quickly 🙂

This tip is perfect if you get stuck in someone else’s car.

But for your car, we advise you to have an emergency window breaker and belt cutter like the one below in your glove box in case of emergency.

Use a breaker hammer in the event of a car accident

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