How I Make My Car Air Freshener.

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I have found a great trick to make my car air freshener.

I love driving a car that smells good! Not you ?

Small trees or Air Wick deodorants and the like, I find that very expensive.

And for the price, they don’t last much longer than my little tip. Not to mention the fact that they are far from natural …

Fortunately, there is a simple trick to making your home air freshener. Look :

trick to deodorize the car cheap

How to do

1. I take a wipe.

2. I soak it in the essential oil of my choice, only two or three drops, depending on my desire (lavender or lemon for example).

3. I rub this wipe on the air vents of my car.


And there you have it, the perfume will enter the passenger compartment of the car as soon as I start driving, quite simply 🙂

Not complicated to make this homemade air freshener, is it?

It is a real natural good smell for the car. Just use an essential oil to scent the car! Easy, isn’t it?

The great trick is also to choose a scent of your choice!

I am using a wipe that has already been used for another purpose … because there are no small savings.

It is not necessarily necessary to deodorize your car every day.

A Magic Tree will constantly distribute its scent and you won’t even notice it after a few days.

On the other hand, with our tip you only deodorize when you need it and thus save money.

Your turn…

Do you have other ideas for perfuming your car? I am curious to read them in your comments!

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