How I Maintain My Car at Least Cost thanks to Associated Garages.

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The associative garages make it possible to carry out all the current maintenance as well as the small repairs of its car, for ridiculous prices. A truly economical solution.

Tired of spending a fortune on maintaining your car? Why not push your man to take care of it himself?

Since my husband and I discovered association garages, we have become real fans! It is now him who changes our pads and various filters, does the oil changes or changes the tires.

Equipment rental for 10 € per hour

engine repair

The principle is simple: you go to the garage in question, which provides you with all the equipment, in exchange for an hourly rental. Here, for example, the hour of rental of the bridge and tools is charged 10 €. Only the oil change is more expensive, with an average of 40 to 50 €.

In other words, we are far, very far from the prices charged by mechanics! So, sure, that takes a bit of elbow grease, but considering the savings I think it’s well worth it, right?

A list (not exhaustive, I think) of these places is available on this directory of associative garages.

We Buy the Parts on the Internet and Get Started!

In terms of parts, all of our purchases are made on the internet, with exact model references in hand.

Personally, we are used to going to Oscaro. But I know there are other sites like Yakarouler or Mister-Auto that do the same.

In the end, whatever the repair to be made, the sum to pay is between 2 and 3 times less.

Have you ever tried to do some repairs on your own? Leave us your testimonials in comments.

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