Here’s What Christmas Trees Looked Like 100 Years Ago (12 photos).

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Did you know that the Christmas tree did not become a popular tradition until the 1850s?

At that time, many fir trees were then illuminated by real candles!

But after many fires, people preferred to opt for garlands and decorations.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, there wasn’t much consensus on what a Christmas tree should look like.

Suddenly, everyone showed a lot of creativity.

We have selected for you the 12 most beautiful Christmas tree photos from 100 years ago. Look :

Old photos of Christmas trees


a little boy poses sitting in front of a Christmas tree in the Orsons' house

A minimalist Christmas tree in this photo from 1880.


a well decorated tree in a warm decor

Here we see the garlands that appear in this photo in the late 1890s. And there is even a decoration on top of the tree. We could sit in this room, by the fire, all day. In this photo, you could almost feel the heat of the fire, don’t you think?


A group of friends toast in front of a small Christmas tree lit with real candles

Here is one of the only known photos of a Christmas tree lit by real candles. This photo is taken at a party in 1900. Hopefully someone was in charge of watching this tree very closely!


two little girls and their mom pose in front of a Christmas tree in Victorian style

The Victorian spirit greatly influenced the way Christmas was viewed at the end of the last century. Photos like this later inspired the imagery of Christmas cards. In this photo, it looks like the candles are not lit. But it looks like the photographer added flickering lights afterwards.


a 1900s Christmas tree with toys in front of the tree

I love this photo taken in a house in 1910. Here we see more sophisticated decorations. There are even popcorn garlands. And look at this doll with a little stroller. What a beautiful Christmas!


Christmas tree gifts wrapped in plain paper

Here is another photo of a large Christmas tree taken in the early 1900s. There are a lot of gifts. Isn’t it lovely to see that the gifts are wrapped as if they were ordinary packages? Be aware that colored wrapping paper will not become the norm until many years later.


a happy little boy poses in front of a christmas tree

This adorable photo features a little boy screaming with joy after discovering his gift.


A sexy woman poses in front of a Christmas tree in 1910

And what would Christmas be if it weren’t for a little touch of glamor? This 1910s photo gives a glimpse of what fashion was all about. But this woman lights the candles on the tree with a match! As long as everything goes well.


a small Christmas tree placed on a table with other Christmas decorations

Many families chose to have a smaller tree that we put on a table, to decorate the room.


a well-decorated Christmas tree in the Brown family home in the 1900s

Let’s take a look in this house in 1904. What a beautiful decoration!


children pose in front of a tree and their gifts

On this tree, which dates from the early 1900s, we see handmade decorations and some ready-made gifts for the children.


a small, well decorated Christmas tree in Australia

Here is a small tree decorated traditionally.

Your turn…

And you, have you made your Christmas tree? Show us your photos by leaving a comment. We can’t wait to see them!

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