Here’s How To Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room.

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How to make sure there are no bedbugs in a hotel room?

The last thing you want on vacation is to take the onslaught of these critters.

These horrible little insects have the particularity of stinging sleepers at night.

Not only do they leave pimples that itch terribly, but they also get stuck in suitcases and clothes.

And suddenly, we bring them home. And there hello home invasion …

how to spot bed bugs

Checking your hotel room for bed bugs saves time and money.

Why ? Because trying to get rid of them once you’ve brought them home can take months and months and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars …

Fortunately, here are some simple and effective tips to spot bedbugs and avoid bringing them home. Here’s how to find bed bugs. Look :

1. Put your luggage in the bathroom

put their suitcases in the toilet before inspecting their hotel room

The first thing to do is to leave your luggage in the car or in the hotel lobby while you inspect your room. If this is not possible, you can also put them in the bathroom as there is very little chance that there will be in that body of water. You will only put your luggage in the room when your inspection is complete. You will then be sure that there are no bed bugs in your room and therefore no risk of bringing them home!

2. Use a flashlight

use a flashlight to detect bed bugs

Use your smartphone flashlight to spot bed bugs. You have to spot those which are alive, but also the dead ones, the eggs or the shells of the eggs. To locate them, illuminate the mattress but also the box spring. It is also necessary to check the walls and especially the small cracks. Bed bugs are small, red-brown, oval-shaped critters the size of a pinhead. When they are adults, their size can reach 6 mm. Be careful because you can easily mistake their eggs for specks of dust. They look like little translucent dots.

3. Check the mattress seams

traces of bedbugs on a mattress

Completely undo the bed. Yes, it’s annoying to unravel such a well-made bed, but nothing should be left to chance if you don’t want to spend the night scratching yourself … Take the pillows, remove the pillowcases and give them a shake. Remove the sheets from the bed so you can inspect the mattress. Look carefully if you see any live or dead bedbugs. Also check that there are no small blood stains left by the bedbugs.

4. Check the headboard

bedbugs on a headboard

Bed bugs love to nest on headboards. It is therefore an essential place to check before spending the night there. To do this, take your flashlight to see the bed bugs and carefully inspect the slits and holes in the bed posts. Pay particular attention to the contact points between the bed and the headboard.


a bed bug on a fabric

There you go, you now know how to detect bed bugs in a bedroom 🙂

Not that complicated, is it?

Obviously, if you see any sign of these bloodthirsty insects, ask to move to another room and re-check!

Be aware that a bedbug has a very long lifespan: it can survive a whole year without feeding of blood. This is why it is so difficult to get rid of it!

Additional advice

– If during your inspection or after you have settled in, a red, slightly swollen bite makes you itch then you can be sure that you are sharing your room with bedbugs. And you suffered the bites of these horrible critters! Better to leave as soon as possible and process any clothes or items you put in that room.

– To be sure not to bring bedbugs home and to avoid contagion, it is best to wash your clothes normally and then dry them in a dryer at high temperature for at least 30 minutes. Why ? Because the heat kills bed bugs.

– If possible, keep your luggage in a garbage bag during your stay, to avoid leaving it on the carpet.

– When you arrive in your hotel room, you often have the reflex to put your travel bag on the bed. Avoid doing this and place it on supports intended for this purpose.

– When you get home, remember to leave your empty luggage in the garage or in the attic to avoid bringing it into the house.

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