Here is the New Mandatory Certificate for Traveling Over 100 km.

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As of today, a new travel certificate is mandatory.

As soon as you exceed 100 km around your home, you must complete this certificate.

The good news is, you don’t need a printer! You can fill it in directly on your smartphone.

The bad news is that this certification must be accompanied by 2 supporting documents.

In fact, you must have with you proof of address and another for the reason for the trip.

Here is how to easily complete this certificate without forgetting anything:

Here is the New Mandatory Certificate for Traveling Over 100 km.

How to do

1. Click here to complete your certificate on your smartphone or here in paper version.

2. Indicate your first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, address, city and postal code.

3. Fill in the city and state where you are going.

4. To justify this information, provide you with proof of address of less than one year with your first and last name. This can be: a telephone, electricity, gas, water bill, a rent receipt, a tax notice, housing tax, housing insurance certificate, or a statement of the CAF mentioning the assistance linked to housing.

5. Then choose from one of the seven authorized travel reasons, namely:
– A professional journey which must be justified by the employer.
– A trip between home and school, made by the student or his companion.
– Travel related to a consultation or specialized care.
– A trip intended to lend a hand to a vulnerable person or for the care of children, also called “compelling reasons”.
– Travel linked to summons from the police and the gendarmerie.
– Travel linked to a summons from the judicial authority.
– A journey linked to missions of general interest.

6. Depending on the case you have chosen, bring the relevant supporting document, namely: a certificate from your employer, proof of your medical appointment, school registration, a police or judicial summons …


There you have it, you now know how to complete the new certificate to travel more than 100 km 🙂

You will thus avoid being fined for nothing in the event of a control on the road!

If you do not have this completed certificate and the 2 supporting documents, you risk a fine of 135 euros.

Additional advice

Remember that the distance of 100 km around your home is to be calculated as the crow flies.

To find out if you are going further than these 100 km, check out our tip here.

Note that if you make recurring business trips, you can check the box “is it a recurring business trip?“.

In this case, you do not need to complete this declaration every day.

But for all other cases, you must fill it in every time you go more than 100 km from your home.

Last important precision, a displacement of more than 100 km in his department of residence does not require you to have this declaration.

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