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While waiting for Baby, the idea of ​​opening a birth list is rather tempting.

Ideal for limiting duplicate gifts, it sometimes has some drawbacks.

Here is my opinion of a future mother….

Are you already worried about receiving Sophie la girafe in triplicate?

And the idea of ​​25 babies big size birth demoralizes you? To avoid this kind of setback, more and more future parents are opting for the birth list.

The birth list, késako?

On the same principle as a wedding list, the birth list allows families to determine what they need, or want, for their future child.

People around them see the big picture, and can choose to buy a specific item, or participate in the purchase of a larger one. They are thus sure to please and parents avoid unpleasant surprises and duplicates.

Where do I drop it off?

Almost all the specialized stores (Aubert or Autour de Bébé type) offer to open a birth list. Ditto for large surfaces. And more and more websites are offering this service.

It remains to be seen what the conditions are. Some stores force parents to buy what they put on the list (yes, yes, I assure you!) … For me, they are to be avoided at full speed! Others allow you to get part of the pot in the form of a bank transfer, which can be useful if you want to buy part of the items in another store.

Your choice must therefore be made with full knowledge of the facts. : do not be attracted by the promise of a gift voucher of 5% of the amount of the payments, if this then forces you to add an astronomical sum to finish buying everything that was not taken on your list!

Likewise, beware of the fees that are sometimes levied when withdrawing part of the sum.

My opinion as a future mother

After comparing many possibilities, it was finally to a list in a generalist brand that I chose to submit the birth list of Petit Loulou. Because in the end, no doubt, these lists are only there to encourage us to spend more and more money!

Thanks to a gift card on which all payments are accumulated, I will be able to make all the purchases to prepare for the arrival of Baby without breaking the bank in a specialized store.

Of course, I’m not going to force people’s hands: if they don’t ask me, I won’t even tell them about the list, and will let them treat us with a gift of their choice.

This is what seemed to me the best compromise, but this is only a personal opinion, everyone then manages their preparations as they see fit!

And you, have you opted for a birth list? Let us share your experience as (future) parents in the comments.

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