Gigantic Wooden Megaphones Amplify Forest Sounds in Estonia.

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Do you like walking in the forest?

Then you must have already noticed the contrast that reigns there between the surrounding calm and the subtle effervescence of Mother Nature.

In any case, Estonian students have noticed it!

With a good dose of genius, they decided to amplify these natural sounds thanks to 3 huge wooden megaphones placed in a lush forest.

Megaphone in the forest estonia

Yep, Mother Nature probably has a lot to say! It was time to give him a megaphone.

Walkers can stretch out inside the megaphones, living a surreal acoustic experience. Look :

we can lie down in the megaphones

close-up on a wooden megaphone

megaphones are scattered in the forest

detail of a wooden megaphone

two megaphones in the forest

visitors lying in the megaphones

3 megaphones are installed in the forest of Estonia

these are temporary works

megaphones are built in the forest of Estonia by students

It was the photographer Tõnu Tunnel who captured these giant megaphones in all their splendor.

The installation can be admired in the Pähni Nature Center of Estonia. This space is known for his various studies and uses the forest as “his outdoor classroom”.

This work was designed by Estonian student Birgit Õigus for the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Hannes Praks, who heads the Department of Interior Architecture, said of this work: “These megaphones, 3 meters in diameter, will serve as a forest ‘kiosk’ amplifying the sounds of nature around the installation. “

If you are curious about what it feels like to listen to nature in a megaphone, maybe this is a good reason to go and visit this beautiful country, Estonia.

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