Get Paid To Leave Your Car In The Airport Parking Lot.

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Have you ever parked your car at the airport? If so, you know it’s not really economical.

Leaving your car at the airport while you are going on vacation or on a weekend is very expensive. Unless your car is rented during your absence.

This is the idea of ​​TravelCar to allow you to travel really cheaper. And you will see that parking is not going to cost you anything anymore, it may even pay you big.

Rent your car safely when you go on a trip

Rent a car when going on vacation at the airport

• Save on transport: rather than taking the RER with the whole family, which is expensive (€ 12 for an adult Orlyval ticket), or a taxi which will cost you at least € 40, take your car.

Save on parking: by using TravelCar, you park your car for free while you are on vacation and save € 15 per day (ADP parking rate).

• Earn money: thanks to TravelCar renting your car at the airport is safe. Your vehicle is fully insured and your insurance bonus will never be affected no matter what.

An owner who goes on vacation for 2 weeks can earn between € 200 and € 500 by renting his vehicle on TravelCar.

Rent a car at great prices when you are traveling

Rent a car at low prices at the airport with Carnomise

Are you traveling to Paris via Orly or Beauvais airport?

TravelCar will allow you to rent a car in Orly or rent a car in Beauvais very inexpensively and in complete safety.

The TravelCar tip:

You are renting a car that is owned by individuals who have gone on a trip, so the price is much cheaper.

• And you deal with TravelCar professionals. You therefore benefit from insurance as with a traditional rental company and you have an agent at a TravelCar counter who gives you the keys and takes you to the car you have reserved.

Your remuneration by renting your car with TravelCar

500 euro banknote

For a Renault Megane type car, here is how much you can earn on TravelCar:

• 110 € for 3 days of travel

• 250 € for 7 days of travel

• 320 € for 14 days of travel

Your turn…

What do you think of this initiative? Would you be ready to entrust your vehicle to TravelCar during your vacation? Share your impressions in the comments.

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