Germany is opening a 100 km cycle path that is completely forbidden to cars.

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In Germany, a new 100 km long cycle path will be created.

The great thing is that she will be completely forbidden to cars!

From today, cyclists can take the first 5 km of this track which will be 100 km long.

While browsing it, they will be able to discover 10 cities in western Germany such as Duisburg, Bochum and Hamm.

a new cycle path for bicycles in Germany

In reality, more than a simple cycle track, this track will be a real “road” totally closed to cars.

Cyclists will have to respect the same rules as on a classic road.

There are passing lanes, crossroads with overpasses and underpasses and street lights!

a cycle path closed to cars

The only major difference is that cyclists will no longer have to constantly pay attention to cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses.

Because it must be said, when cars, bicycles and buses coexist on the same road, the danger is omnipresent for cyclists.

50,000 fewer cars thanks to this cycle route

100 km of road reserved for bikes

According to a study carried out by a regional development group (RVR), the establishment of this cycle route should reduce road traffic by 50,000 cars per day!

a cycle path that connects 10 cities

Not bad is not it ? Do you like this idea? What are we waiting for to also have a cycle path like this connecting towns and villages in France?

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