Gasoline or Diesel, which to choose for your car?

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The choice of fuel, namely gasoline or diesel, arose for any motorist wishing to acquire a car. But, how to decide? Follow our explanation to make your choice.

The choice of car often depends on the choice of engine, and therefore on the choice of fuel.

Should I opt for a petrol version or on the contrary a diesel version? Let’s see the different possibilities available to us.

Petrol version

For people concerned about environmental issues, the choice of an engine gasoline is historically privileged.

Although the gap has narrowed in recent years, unleaded gasoline remains one less polluting fuel than diesel is.

However, the gasoline version does not only have advantages because it is more expensive on a daily basis due to the price of gasoline at the pump.

Diesel version

When comparing the diesel and gasoline versions in terms of cost, diesel wins the round. Indeed, for all people with a regular or daily need for their car, diesel has two major advantages :

1. A diesel engine consumes much less than a gasoline engine

2. His price at the pump is lower because the price per liter of diesel is always less expensive.

Also, the engine of a diesel car has a longer lifespan.

The choice to opt for a diesel engine therefore seems to win the day but, before you decide, also know that the Buying price of a diesel car is higher than that of a gasoline. This is valid whether your car is new or used.

The price difference amounts on average to 1500 euros, but tends to decrease because of the many promotional offers from manufacturers such as “A diesel car at the price of gasoline” for example.

The consequence of this difference in the purchase price is therefore played out on the fuel consumption that you are going to have in the year. The more kilometers you go, the more it will be in your interest to favor a diesel engine in order to achieve nice savings!

In summary

Choose a diesel version if:

– you take your car regularly and you do at least 20,000 km per year,

– you want to keep your vehicle for a minimum period (1 and a half / 2 years) to make the difference on the purchase profitable.

In other cases, we recommend a petrol version ;-).

Savings made

As we have seen, it is often difficult for a motorist to choose between gasoline and diesel. On a economic point of view, the diesel however, seems to prevail.

Although its purchase price is on average 1,500 euros higher, it is quickly offset by the savings at the pump.

The more you ride in the year, the more your savings will be. Indeed, if it is estimated that you fill up 50 euros per week, you will need less than 8 months to make this difference profitable and be profitable. (50 x 4 = 200 euros per month -> 200 x 8 = 1600 euros).

The choice is therefore quickly made, especially as the resale price are largely in favor of diesel vehicles. At the same mileage, the Argus favors the diesel version since the discount begins beyond 25,000 km per year for a diesel against 15,000 km per year for a gasoline.

The savings made at the end of the year can therefore be interesting for all people considered to be “good riders” (more than 20,000 km / year). For all the others, the question remains unanswered because the price of maintenance, the comfort in use and the noise of the vehicle are all factors that can make tip the scales the other way.

And you, are you more petrol or diesel?

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