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November 29, 2011

Thanks to my little tip, find your TV program every week without spending a cent! Here is my secret.

Before, I bought pay TV programs from time to time but I quickly realized that if I continued to do it this way I would end up in debt!

To prevent this from happening, I just had to find a clever trick that would allow me to access the full schedule of TV and TNT programs completely free of charge.

After a few clicks, I noticed that sites put online the list of TV and TNT programs every day and for every hour of the day, a godsend!

The one that I use daily is the site of the famous Télé-Loisirs magazine, the program schedule presented is the same as on the paper version. The big difference is that I don’t pay any money to access it;)

What do you think of this tip? Do you have other methods of getting the TV program for free? Leave us a comment.

Savings Realized

With this trick, I can easily find out about the programs on TV at any time of the day without breaking the bank by buying the paid version of the magazine.

To know : I can also have the day-to-day TV program on the last page of the free newspapers distributed in the metro. A very useful good plan to save!

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