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Are you looking for cheaper SNCF or Eurostar train tickets?

Do you have theater seats that you won’t use?

Then this tip is for you.

I can’t count the number of times I had to cancel a train trip and therefore lost the ticket.

The number of times I wish I could have bought tickets for a concert which was unfortunately sold out.

Perfect for specialists in last-minute buying or changing plans, stands out when it comes to buying and reselling tickets.

– First of all no need to register if you want to buy a ticket, which saved me from providing my email and my phone number once again. Of course, the ticket seller has to register, but it’s pretty quick.

– Then, the site is easy to use and tickets can be bought and sold quickly. The principle is the same as on other sites, you leave your ad and wait to be contacted.

On the other hand, when you find an interesting ticket, it only takes one click to access the seller’s data. Unlike Zepass, a site that also offers great tips for buying train, plane, theater and other tickets at discounted prices but which requires identification.

– The novelty with Passetonbillet is that it is not just about train tickets. You can also sell tickets for concerts, buy tickets for football matches … Apart from plane tickets, everything is there, from Rihanna’s concert to the final of the league cup through the ticket cheap eurostar to go to London.

Savings made

Collecting tickets, at the last minute, at the price of several months ago can be really economical., is a site that shows that you can consume differently and not throw your tickets in the trash. It is part of the same concept as Kelbillet, a site specializing in the sale or resale of train tickets. No more non-exchangeable, non-refundable tickets that carriers are putting in place to push us to spend more.

In addition, the site directly calculates the savings you make. At the moment I can buy a Rugby ticket for the Top 14 final which costs 50 Euros at the price of 45 Euros or 10% savings! So to earn money or save, spend your tickets! It’s so cool to save money.

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