Finally, a tip to NEVER get tired of standing in line again.

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June 02, 2020

When boarding an airport, at a counter …

We all had to stand in line for a long time … really long.

And standing in a queue as long as a train, there is nothing worse.

In addition, no way to put down your things, we stay up, our back hurts …

But now it’s over, thanks to this method that will revolutionize the queue:

never stand in line again

How to do

1. Take your shoes.

2. Place them in the queue for you.

3. Go back and sit down.


There you go, you will queue without getting tired 🙂

Yes, you no longer need to stand up in a very, very uncomfortable way.

Now all you have to do is put off your shoes, in the order that people arrived, and go sit quietly, or even have a coffee!

And if this technique does not suit you, we have at least 3 others for you.

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