Finally a Tip That Works To Stop Fog In The Car.

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Are the windows of your car always foggy?

Not super practical for safe driving.

Fortunately, here is a trick to stop the fog on the windows.

The anti-fog solution is to use kitty litter in a sock:

To stop fogging in the car, use a sock with kitty litter

How to do

1. Take a pair of socks without a hole.

2. Take some silica cat litter. This type of litter absorbs moisture very well.

3. Fill one of the two socks with the litter, up to the heel.

Fill the sock with moisture-absorbing cat litter

4. Once completed, tie a knot to close the sock.

5. Then, put the sock full of litter in the 2nd sock to make it more resistant.

6. Finally, place the sausage made with the socks on the windshield of the car. You can also put it under the car seat.


And there you have it, after a few days the fog will no longer appear on the car windows 🙂

The litter will have absorbed the excess moisture in the car.

Remember to renew the litter about once a month.

If you are looking for silica cat litter, you can find it here.

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