Exchange your apartment for the holidays to travel without spending.

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We all dream of going on vacation this summer, but it’s not cheap! How about swapping your apartment for the holidays to travel without spending?

The idea is very simple, and I find it quite bright: you lend your apartment or even your house to someone else who also lends you their home during the holidays, all for free!

Change of place, change of home, change of life, all without breaking the bank.

You can advertise on and and see availability immediately.

I love the idea: instead of going to “special tourist” hotels here you go directly to the locals and you can really say that you have discovered the real side of the country and its people by living directly with the locals. ‘One. Two. A real change of scenery!

Savings Realized

Holidays costing you too much? Yes, but that was before!

From now on, by exchanging our homes we do not spend anything on housing, which is usually the most expensive in our vacation budget.

Can you imagine free accommodation whatever your destination? You can leave a month, a weekend, just find a family that chooses the same dates as you to be able to exchange your homesplus you can even trade in your cars! 😉

What better way to be able to fully enjoy your vacation without being obsessed with your accounts? I say YES! 🙂

And you, have you already tested this type of exchange? Where did you go ? Tell us in your comments.

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