Exchange of apartments for the holidays: practical and inexpensive.

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The holidays are approaching and you still have not made your rental choice? Here is a tip that will probably help you in your decision.

Metro, work, sleep, 5 days a week, again and again. You are more than fed up and you have only one idea in mind: vacation!

Leave, leave your daily life and enjoy life as it should be. To rest, to think of something else.

However, it is not always easy to make a right choice. Vacation centers, tourist traps with lots of children running around in all directions, that doesn’t tempt you more than that and I totally understand you! So here is what I offer you: the exchange of apartments.

The exchange of apartments is done more and more. Want to go to Malibu and pretend you are at home? Do you find people from Malibu who want to come to Paris? Simply exchange your apartments! With each other, mutual trust and voila.

To help you in your research, there are sites like, or which allow you to put interested people in touch, anywhere in the world.

Apartment exchange: Vacation apartment exchange: convenient and inexpensive.

Savings Realized

With this practical and inexpensive tip, exchange apartments for your vacation.

Vacation rentals always represent a monster budget in the household and many people prefer to deprive themselves than to enjoy a little rest away from everyday life. It’s expensive and we don’t always know what we’re going to come across.

With the exchange of apartments, or houses, you will not have to pay anything for housing!

This exchange is based on mutual trust and respect for each other’s good. You will take care of your place of residence exactly as if you were at home and vice versa for the people who will occupy your apartment.

The only possible expense is a contribution of around one hundred euros per year requested by specialized sites. It is proof of the seriousness of these sites and above all, 100 euros per year for a great vacation with impeccable comfort, frankly, I am leaving tomorrow if I have to!

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