Ear Clogged by Sea Water? The Trick To Unclog It.

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Have you been underwater and have a blocked ear?

Nothing suprising ! As soon as you bathe, water slips in.

Fortunately, there is a simple trick to unclog your ears.

How? ‘Or’ What ? All you need to do is take a balloon, also known as an inflatable balloon.


How to do

1. Take a balloon.

2. Blow 3-4 times in a balloon.


And there you have it, you’ve removed the water stuck in your ears 🙂

Easy, practical and efficient!

Now your ears are completely unblocked! It’s much nicer that way, isn’t it?

So, ingenious, right?

Your turn…

Have you tried this grandmother’s trick to unblock your ears? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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