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If you are at the University, in a large school or following a BTS style training, you must surely have a student card.

The student card allows you to have reductions in many places. As a former student, I will show you what these benefits are.

I offer you a small panel of the different places where you can benefit from interesting discounts.

1. Museums, theaters and cinemas

Benefits of the student card: museums, theaters and cinemas

You have prices or even free admission in cultural places such as museums, the theaters and the cinemas (especially at the MK2 Library).

Culture is offered to you at a reduced price (or even free) so take advantage of it!

2. Places to eat

Benefits of the student card: catering

Ok this is not gastronomy, but it is not necessarily negligible: Quick gives you a free burger (the same as the one on your menu) for an XL menu purchased on presentation of your student card, and Mcdonalds gives you a discount on a sandwich.

You can also get discounts at certain outings such as bars and the restaurants.

3. Access to CROUS

Benefits of the student card: access to CROUS

The CROUS is an organization that takes care of helping students in lots of areas! They offer university restaurants where you can have a generous lunch for less than € 5. All the explanations are here. Do not deprive yourself of it!

4. Discount on IT equipment

Benefits of the student card: reduction on computer equipment

On presentation of your student card (for any university, and if not, it depends on the school), you can have reductions on computer software, on computers and Ipod and take advantage of promotions for printing and binding your school work (files, briefs, etc.).

Especially at Apple, and considering the price of their products, it is not nothing!

5. Sport

Benefits of the student card: sport

You can also get reduced rates in sports halls, swimming pools, ice rinks …

Savings made

student card advantages: big savings

Not all students are rolling in the gold, so I’m sure I’m not the only one who says they should take advantage of the student benefits while there is still time: it really does good to the bank account.

Last year, just by counting my cinema, telephone subscription, ice rink, and Quick discounts I made more than 60 € savings taking out my card. Over 1 year, it is still sacred profits.

So do like me, leave your student card in the wallet, so you can be sure never to miss all the discounts that are offered to you everywhere!

Your turn…

Moreover, if you have other good plans with the student card, do not hesitate to come and share them in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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