Cristina Guggeri Imagines the Rulers of the Planet in the Toilet.

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My grandmother always told me: “if someone impresses you, imagine him on the throne!”

This is exactly what the Italian artist Cristina Guggeri did.

She imagined the leaders and stars of the planet in the toilet.

Yes, because if the “grown-ups” of this world have one thing in common with us, it is going to the bathroom … like everyone else!

This is a good way to stop citizens from being intimidated by their leaders.

Obviously, this artistic approach does not appeal to everyone.

Some consider it disrespectful and that it is useless. Others, on the contrary, think it is very funny and useful.

The goal of this project is not to make fun of these public figures but to make them more human.

Because it’s true, we sometimes tend to consider them as beings superior to ordinary people.

And you, what is your opinion on these photomontages ?

To form an opinion, here is a selection of 16 photos of leaders of the planet or stars in the toilets. Look :

1. Angela Merkel

angela Merkel seen by Cristina guggeri

2. Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macronl seen by Cristina guggeri

3. Vladimir Putin

Putin as seen by Cristina Guggeri

4. Donald Trump

Trump as seen by Cristina Guggeri

5. Barack Obama

Barack Obama as seen by Cristina Guggeri

6. Queen Elizabeth II

Elisabeth II seen by Cristina Guggeri

7. Joseph Stalin

Stalin seen by Cristina Guggeri

8. Mao

Mao seen by Cristina Guggeri

9. Pope Francis

Pope Francis as seen by Cristina Guggeri

10. The Dalai Lama

the Dalai Lama as seen by Cristina Guggeri

11. Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen as seen by Cristina Guggeri

12. Daniel Radcliff

Daniel Radcliff as seen by Cristina Guggeri

13. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise as seen by Cristina Guggeri

14. Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Macron seen by Cristina Guggeri

15. Johnny Depp

Johnny Deep as seen by Cristina Guggeri

16. Georges Clooney

the Dalai Lama seen by Georges Clooney

You can find all of Cristina Guggeri’s work on her LinkedIn profile or here on her website.

Your turn…

And you what do you think ? Do you find this art work disrespectful or funny? Let us know in the comments what you think. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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