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Is your vacation budget tight? Try couchsurfing and enjoy free accommodation, in London, Paris or New York, your choice.

Theaccommodation is often the most expensive part of the vacation budget. So why not stay directly with a local? free ? This is the idea of couchsurfing.

The principle is simple: you sleep homestay, on his sofa, for a night or more without paying anything. The principle is to promoteexchange, the solidarity and the sharing between strangers.

How it works ?

1. Register for free on the site You must choose your destination, the number of people to accommodate and finally the person who will welcome you.

2. Once the choices are made, you just have to send a request to the person concerned and wait for their response. The advantage is that you can read comments different travelers who have already been accommodated by the person chosen to know what to expect.

The couchsurfing is therefore an original way to find accommodation and smart travel, and why not a way to make friends everywhere.

Savings Realized

The couchsurfing is a way to significantly reduce its vacation budget and cheap travel. Indeed, you sleep with the locals free. You avoid paying more than 50 euros per night in a hotel, or even 300 euros minimum per week in a residence.

In addition to being an original way to housing during your vacation, it is also a way to know the tips of the corner thanks to the room which accommodates you with which you can to exchange. What to live for real holidays exotic for not a round.

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