Couchsurfing for cheap travel is smart and original.

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Want to go on vacation without spending all your budget on accommodation? For cheap travel, this Couchsurfing tip is for you!

When you go on vacation, it’s not easy to choose accommodation.

Rental, camping, hotel or even a youth hostel, here is a new solution that could appeal to you: Couchsurfing.

In English, it means surfing the canapes. This consists, during your travels, of sleeping on people sofa who welcome you generously without asking for their rest. The philosophy of CouchSurfing is to promote exchange and sharing

How is it organized?

It’s very simple: via le couchsurfing site, you have access to a whole community of globetrotters who offer or are looking for a sofa for their escapades in unknown lands.

– All you need to do is register (for free) and select your criteria : the place (in France or anywhere else in the world), the number of people to host, the type of person who is hosting you, etc.

– Then you just have vschoose the host and the sofa that will do the trick, send a request and wait for the response.
A certification and feedback system allows future couchsurfers to avoid scams and travel safer.

No need to make your living room available to find someone who hosts you either: the community is based on the pleasure of meeting new people, exchanging and, why not, making new friends all over the world. world.

Savings Realized

Couchsurfing is a community that emphasizes exchange and sharing. It is also a great way to stay at no cost and meet people who share these same values.

No more hotel rooms costing at least 50 euros per night, you will sleep for free on a sofa, perhaps less comfortable but in a much more pleasant and friendly atmosphere! A tip that can save you at least 350 euros for a week’s vacation.

Remember also that the couchsurfing site is completely free, you can nevertheless make a donation to support this community.

Sleeping with people is also an opportunity to exchange tips that only locals can know!

Ideal for young people wishing to vacation in immersion, in colorful places and often much cheaper than “tourist traps”!

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