Cheap Train Ticket Taking Advantage of iDTGV Offers.

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January 05, 2010

To benefit from cheap train tickets without having to buy a reduction card, the good plan is called iDTGV.

These offers are only available on the Internet.

As a smart stingy, you probably don’t want to buy a discount card like the Escapades card or the 12-25 card to save money on your trips.

Because buying to save is not easy! The iDTGV site is therefore made for you!

On the iDTGV site, you will find many destinations for smart travel and cheap throughout France.

Cheap Train Ticket Taking Advantage of iDTGV Offers.

Savings made

Best for saveis not to buy. This is also true for those who want cheap train tickets throughout the year.

On the iDTGV site, you do not need to buy a discount card to enjoy really cheap train tickets.

You can even find train tickets from 19 euros! But hurry because this offer is only available on a limited number of places.

Otherwise, ticket prices vary depending on the occupancy rate. By taking it early enough (reservation possible up to 4 months in advance), you are sure to save a lot silver with unbeatable prices.

Last cool thing, iDNight also offers advantageous rates on night trains.

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