Cheap Cinema Tickets for Under 26s at Gaumont, UGC and MK2.

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Have the major cinema groups noticed a drop in attendance at their theaters by those under 26?

Probably since there are several of them offering attractive prices that we have grouped together for all the young stingy clever.

We cannot say that the weather is summery everywhere in France, far from it.

Before the sunny days return (hopefully), you might as well take the opportunity to treat yourself to a few good times in the dark rooms.

Those under 26 are the winners at the moment in several theaters.

The Gaumont-Pathé group, UGC, and even the MK2 make promotional offers aimed at people under 26 ranging from 3.90 to 4.70 euros.

How can I benefit from this reduction?

The first thing to do is to find out about the site of your cinema to check if it offers this offer and if not to look at the other cinemas in the area whose price has been reduced.

At the Pathé-Gaumont des Gobelins in Paris, or even that of Rennes and Besançon, to give a few examples, places are sold between 4 and 4.70 for those under 26 on presentation of the identity and loyalty card. This card is free and allows you to win a session after 5 points. One session is equal to one point. Yet another way to save.

To benefit from a session at 3.90 euros, you have to go to the MK2 library.

Regarding the UGC, it is the same principle as for the Gaumont, some cinemas offer these reductions and others not. In view of the number of cinema in France, it seems difficult not to find what you are looking for.

In short, if you are under 26, find out about the current offers before going to a cinema, a place for 4 euros may be waiting for you in another located just a few meters from the usual one.

For information, these offers do not work for 3D movies but for all other good movies, and there are at the moment.

Savings made

A cinema ticket, even with the student rate, varies between 7 and 10 euros depending on the cinema. Benefiting from a session at 4 euros does not require any calculation to realize the savings made. Combine fun, culture and good deals, there’s nothing like it to forget this autumnal month of July.

These offers are fairly regular, certainly punctual but interesting. They are not the subject of a major advertising campaign, let’s keep an eye out to always save a little more.

And you, do you often go to the movies? What are your tips for not paying too much? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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