Calculate Your Itinerary Free with the RATP website.

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Need to calculate your route on the RATP network?

Are you looking to have a precise idea of ​​the time you will take from one station to another?

To avoid being either too early or too late, there is a simple solution: the Ratp website.

This site will allow you to save time in transport and to optimize your itinerary.

It only takes a few minutes and more, it’s free ! Look :

Calculate the free route on ratp

How it works ?

The official Ratp website allows you to calculate the route the fastest and easiest way to get to your destination.

And to deal with the unexpected, you can download the RATP iPhone app here, which is free and gives you maps, timetables and traffic information.

The Android version is available here.

Thanks to this app you now have a map of RATP networks which allows you to find your route easily.

Plan your trips, it simplifies your life, you will see.

We do not get lost and we do not arrive late because we know in advance the travel times and the best routes to be continued.

And to go even faster, the little trick is to use the metro whenever you can.

Download and print the free metro map

Free ratp metro map

Do you need to print a metro map?

It is true that it is convenient for getting around Paris easily.

To download the Paris metro map for free in PDF version, click here.

Savings made

Getting around quickly is a luxury. Take advantage of it with our tip! No more tickets.

No more hours wasted in traffic jams and parking spaces at € 1.20 or € 3.60 per hour, depending on the area.

If you don’t live in Paris, avoid the car.

Come by train and get around by metro. You will make substantial savings and enjoy the capital without the stress of traffic jams …

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