Buying your car cheaper: the new tips.

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Do not think that the end of the scrapping bonus and the reduction of the ecological bonus force you to buy your car at a high price. Here are the new tips for you to buy cheaper.

Negotiate at the dealership is a first option to consider.

When a model is renewed by a manufacturer, the dealer must get rid of his inventory to replace them with the new model. Now is the perfect time to easily negotiate a discount.

Buying at the end of the month also gives an advantage in the negotiation, the dealer in a hurry to reach his objectives will be more inclined to give you a discount.

Savings Realized

To save, there are other good plans less known to the general public.

Think about online proxies to find unbeatable prices. Elite-auto, Auto-IES, etc … Agents buy new cars wholesale, which allows them to charge lower prices that are often more attractive than in concession.

A great plan is tobuy employee car, directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Manufacturers allow their employees to buy several cars per year and resell them after 3 to 6 months.

Cars are often sold directly on the site of the manufacturers themselves.

Go take a look, it’s often a mine of good deals.

Find a car at discounted prices from insurers is a new service offered by the biggest insurance companies. By going through a purchasing center, they allow you to benefit from reduced prices and to collect the car directly from the dealership.

With all these tips, you have no more excuse not to buy a new cheaper car.

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