Buying a new or used car?

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New or used? Your heart swings … see with our advice all the little tips that will tip the scales to make the right decision.

In the city, a car is certainly a factor of freedom, but it is easy to do without it to save fuel.

In the countryside, it is often downright essential for all daily activities and tasks.

Buying new is very tempting: it is beautiful, it shines, and above all you are the first to use it. You will be able to prowl it with your hand.

When you buy your new car, you have a choice of color, and you can take advantage of installment payment terms with a home auto loan that may make the cost pill better.

On the other hand, a used car has two main advantages. First the price. When you compare the new and the second hand the discount is prodigious especially on the first two years.

The other advantage of a used car is that you will be able to consider a model with additional options when it will be more difficult on new ones.

Someone Holding Car Keys: Buying a New or Used Car?

Savings Realized

So, new or used the car? It is above all up to your wallet to decide before buying …

A used car will cost you a lot less than a new one if you take the time to research and scan newspaper and website ads.

The opportunity will save you money on insurance and on the price of options too: it is often very expensive on new vehicles.

And if you choose your used carefully, your car, if it is only one or two years old, will not need the garage for a long time. Except for routine maintenance of course.

All in all, the opportunity is better placed to save you real money.

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