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October 08, 2011

Faced with the often exorbitant price of tickets for shows, I found an interesting solution:, which allowed me to discover more or less well-known artists for free.

Hundreds of free invitations every day

Do you dream of taking part in the abundant cultural life of your city but cannot afford it? The “Invitations” section of the site gives you the opportunity to attend free shows anywhere in France. Thus, there is no longer any question of nibbling your savings to have a good evening.

You will also find reduced theater and concert tickets. When I want to go see a play, I first look at the site to find places at great prices … From time to time, we may have good surprises.

How it works?

To find invitations, all you need to do is browse through the list of free shows on offer. In this way I myself could discover a large number of famous or doomed artists without sacrificing my budget. I am a squirrel at heart and a great theater lover, so I was able to reconcile my two requirements without any problem!

And you what do you think? Have you already tried this formula? Your comments are welcome!

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