Belgium Opens the Doors of Its FIRST Organic Municipal Swimming Pool.

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The first organic and ecological municipal swimming pool was inaugurated in the city of Dour, in Belgium.

It is located only about thirty kilometers from Valenciennes.

It is one of the first public swimming pools with natural filtration, in Belgium.

In this organic pool, the reeds and irises naturally filter the water. And swimmers love it!

Thus, in Dour, for swimming, we use the ecosystem in an intelligent and respectful way.

In fact, in this biological municipal swimming pool, there is neither chlorine nor chemicals.

Water, which has a beautiful green color, is clean and above all respectful of health and the environment. Look :

an organic municipal swimming pool with natural filtration in Belgium in Dour

How it works ?

How does an ecological swimming pool work? It’s very simple.

It is the plants that grow next to the swimming pool that do the natural filtering job.

To ensure their growth, these plants eat the impurities present in the pool water.

There is no shortage of them because the wind, the rain and the swimmers regularly bring them back to the basin.

As a result, by feeding, they naturally clean the water. Very ingenious, isn’t it?

An organic swimming pool for diving

For divers, this biological pool is a godsend.

It is an alternative between diving in a natural environment, access to which is sometimes difficult, and a heated and covered chlorine swimming pool.

Divers can even enjoy a biological dive pit with a depth of 5.2 meters!

It is the first accessible in Europe.

“Here, we can do the first initiations and the first baptisms of diving with beginners in a natural environment, without it being too impressive because it is 20 meters deep”, explains Jean-Christophe Calculs, head of the center of diving.

The only drawback is that the maintenance of the swimming pool requires around 6 hours of work per day to remove the algae that develops on the walls of the pools.

But in return, swimmers can enjoy long days of swimming, even if they are allergic to chlorine!

Look at this report on this organic swimming pool in Belgium that makes you want to take a dip:

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