Awesome ! The 1st Tent in the World that Transforms into a Hammock and Poncho.

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Do you like to pitch your tent unexpectedly?

Then the ‘Flying Tent’ is for you!

It was imagined by Austrians passionate about hiking and camping.

The Flying Tent is at the same time a tent, a hammock but also… a poncho.

Awesome, isn’t it? Above all, that this 3 in 1 weighs only 1.2 kg!

a light tent quick to assemble and multi-functional

When you’re cradling in nature, the last thing you want is to have a heavy bag to carry!

And to avoid breaking your back while hiking, the only option is to pack only the bare minimum and choose multi-functional items.

And that’s exactly what this tent, invented by young Austrian designers, offers.

The lightest and fastest tent to pitch

a very light tent to carry like a backpack

Designed for 1 person, not only does it shelter you at night but it can also be transformed into a hammock or a poncho.

“There is no other solution on the market that is so transportable and light, with so many functions”, assures one of the creators Bettina Wenigwiese.

It is true that, in the category of small tents, the Flying Tent is one of the lightest. Plus, it can be assembled in just 7 seconds.

With its flexible poles which can easily be planted in the ground, it is reminiscent of the famous “2 seconds” tent sold by Décathlon or “pop-up” tents.

If you feel like sleeping under the stars, a mosquito net protects you from insects and other unwanted animals in your sleeping bag.

A tent that doesn’t fear the rain

a completely waterproof tent in the rain

Is it starting to rain? Do not panic ! The tent closes completely and protects you from the water.

“We use high-quality technical fabrics capable of withstanding a water column of 5,000 millimeters. Ventilation at both ends prevents condensation from forming inside” says Bettina Wenigwieser.

In two steps and three movements, your tent transforms into a hammock, thanks to the straps that attach to the trees.

This is a very practical option when camping in the mountains. The ground is often too steep there to be able to comfortably pitch a tent.

Not to mention when it rains a lot!

“In the pouring rain, the hammock tent is great”, explains Bettina Wenigwieser.

“The zipper is waterproof and you are dry, far above the ground. In tent mode, the hammock turns into a waterproof ground sheet and rises 5 cm on each side.”

Hammock or poncho? You choose !

a man in the rain protected by a poncho

The hammock allows you to enjoy a well-deserved nap after a long walk.

For more comfort, just remove the canvas from the tent and fold it into a bag to make a small cushion. Isn’t life beautiful?

Finally, if you need a poncho to protect you from the rain, remove the hammock straps and put on the tent canvas like a poncho.

You might be wondering where to store your backpack once you’ve pitched your tent? Everything is planned! A small space is provided for this purpose.

“The tent contains several pockets and there is enough space to put a backpack at foot height. We are nonetheless developing a solution for those who would travel very loaded,” says Bettina.

The Flying Tent can already be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for 149 €. Available in various colors (orange, green, blue or in a camouflaged version), it should be delivered in July. Perfect for your vacation!

Watch the presentation video:

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