At 23 years old, she has been traveling for 8 months having spent ONLY 320 euros.

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We often think that traveling requires to have a lot of money.

What if it was wrong?

In any case, this is proven by a 23-year-old Swiss woman, Sarah Gysler.

This young woman left on December 8 for a great trip.

She has already covered 12,000 kilometers with it, hold on tight, only 320 euros.

How did she do it? This is what we will try to see together.

sarah gyfer travels the world with 320 euros in her pocket

Traveling the world was her dream and today Sarah lives it a little bit every day.

She has already traveled to Europe, Latin America and the Philippines.

This beautiful human adventure, she shares it with 7,000 readers around the world, on her blog “The mown adventurer”.

sarah gysler on a small boat

She does not seek to be an “influencer”, a recognized blogger who collects the most “likes” as if they were trophies.

She just wants to be an inspiration to others to make everyone achieve their dreams.

“I would like my background and my testimony to motivate, inspire, or at least comfort, other people”, she explains.

With all her tattoos, Sarah is definitely not a blogger like the others!

Far from the glamorous and stereotypical photos that flood Instagram and social networks, she travels the world at her own pace, with messy hair and bag on her back.

Sarah Gysler at the helm of a sailboat

Head for the unknown!

To tell about her adventures, she simply feeds her Facebook page, her website or her Instagram account to the rhythm of her desires.

However, there is no question of allowing yourself to be imposed a hellish pace of publication!

She writes whenever she wants and can even remain silent for long weeks, if she so chooses.

But when she shares her daily life, her meetings and her reflections, her words are truly authentic.

From the top of her 23 years, Sarah has only one watchword: to appreciate the present moment, to live day after day, without planning anything. Long live the unknown!

“Couldn’t I rather offer myself the luxury of slowness, the unknown and the surprise? I choose the non-itinerary”, she explains.

photo of sarah gysler taken in a forest

Meet the others

Unlike many tourists, you will never see her with a tour guide in hand.

On the contrary, she avoids them in order to better meet the locals.

According to her, tourist guides “tell us where to look and supposedly lead us all off the beaten track. But I prefer trust the locals. “

And when you have the luxury of having the time, it’s easier to go out and meet others.

Sarah Gysler shows the contents of her backpack

It is in this spirit that she left her house almost a year ago.

She first stopped in Gibraltar, not knowing a word of Spanish.

There, she meets Australians who take her aboard their sailboat for a crossing of the Atlantic.

Without having a euro in her pocket, she then landed in the West Indies. This first meeting gives him wings to continue his extraordinary journey.

Sarah intends to follow her dream to the end. Projects are jostling in her head and she has all the time she needs to achieve them!

Perhaps one day, she will share her passion for travel like no other, off the paths laid out for tourists.

But not right now ! Switzerland, his native land, will wait a little longer …

For now, her steps lead her to New Zealand where she intends to stay for 6 months.

Doesn’t it make you dream?

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