Are we going to travel cheaper?

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Google has just released its Flights comparator for the French Flights market. You can now use their Flight Search interface to search for a cheap flight. So are we really going to travel cheaper?

Google launched this flight comparator in 2010 for the US market. But by releasing Flight Search in France, he intends to compete even more with the Liligo and other Skyscanner.

For us, this is good news because hopefully it will make the competition work and push current players to lower their prices even further and improve their search functionality.

Hopefully we will soon be able to travel even cheaper. But let’s not dream, Google is not launching its aviation company but just a comparator. Let’s see what happens anyway.

How to Find Flight Search?

By typing Google Flight Search in Google precisely, you will not be able to miss it. Here is the link, it will be even faster.

The advantages of Google Flight Search

I still used it very little because it was released today.

1. Its first asset stay the side intuitive of using this new service. As with their search engine, the page is very clean.

2. A very cool feature is the possibility to search directly on the map of France, the destinations of your choice in France or abroad.

3. Once the destination has been chosen, an icon representing a histogram is displayed at the top right of the map. Click on it and it will tell you The lowest prices day after day. It’s very visual and suddenly very practical to find a really advantageous price.

A Really Needed Improvement

For the moment I see a major one, all the companies are not referenced by Google. Ryan Air and Easy Jet are not.

I looked for the cheapest flights to Paris – Biarritz. The search engine cannot find EasyJet, Lufthansa or Swiss Air. Basically, he only finds Air France, which is a bit light for a flight comparator worthy of the name.

My Verdict

With so few companies listed, I’m going to have a hard time trusting Google Flight Search just to find the cheapest flight. But the ease of use means that I will surely return when they have finally listed all the aviation companies that operate commercial flights in our territory.

Have you started using Google Flight Search? Did you manage to find a really cheap flight? Give your opinion in comments, I will be delighted to know if, concerning your destination, it is useful.

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