And If We Replace the Elected … By Citizens Drawn by Lot! Belgium is thinking about it. Why Not France?

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A former Belgian minister proposes to renew the political class by drawing lots for the members of the Senate.

This idea is at first glance revolutionary.

But ultimately, is it not simply the principle of democracy, according to the Greeks?

Some seriously think so.

Whether we are from the left, the right or the center, we generally all share the same feeling:

– politicians and citizens seem to live on 2 different planets.

replace elected representatives with citizens drawn by lot

The situation is identical in Belgium. But there, maybe a revolutionary idea will make everyone agree.

This idea is a return to the roots of democracy using the draw to designate the representatives of the people.

It is high time to give a new democratic impetus to our societies. Perhaps a return to the roots of democracy is the solution.

What if those who govern us were chosen by chance?

The idea may seem astounding, but it is the principle that the Greeks applied in Athens at the time of their heyday.

Belgian Senator Vanvelthoven

And it is this ancient system that Peter Vanvelthoven wants to apply in his country.

This former Belgian minister asks that the senators are all citizens chosen by lot.

The process for appointing future senators would be simple:

1. Initially, 10,000 Belgian citizens over 16 would be drawn.

2. A big information meeting would follow to explain the ins and outs to them.

3. Then, among these 10,000 citizens drawn by lot, those who would be interested in the function would let it be known.

4. They would then participate in a second draw.

5. That is when the 150 Belgian senators would be appointed.

Not that complicated after all, is it?

These citizens would be elected senators for 1 year, and would thus have the possibility of proposing laws and debating them.

The return to direct democracy

designate senators by drawing lots

In France, Belgium, and most Western democracies, citizens do not directly choose their laws.

They just have the option of choosing the men who choose the laws.

Which is, of course, very different!

Why ? Because very often politicians do not put into practice the promises they have kept to citizens.

As a result, citizens feel betrayed and lose interest in politics …

In theory, the system proposed by Peter Vanvelthoven could allow reduce the gap created between citizens and politicians.

Political parties would thus lose their omnipotence. And this legislative power would return to the hands of the people.

The debate on the subject has just opened in Belgium. But this is the first time that a high-ranking politician has proposed such an idea in Europe.

Let us hope that it will seduce citizens and politicians so that its results can be tested on the ground.

Society needs meaningful ideas. And this has already proven its worth… So why not try it in France too?

Your turn…

Does this idea sound like a good idea? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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