An example of a free online birth list.

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January 26, 2011

Baby arrives and you panic at the list of everything you have to buy? Don’t forget the birth list!

The birth list allows you to list precisely what you need or just what you want for the birth of your baby. Like a wedding list, you can drop it off in a specific store or make a list on your own that you will circulate among your family and friends.

Today there are many examples of lists on the Internet that you can use for free, such as on the site You create your list in a few clicks and invite your entourage to participate and choose from the stores offered.

Savings Realized

You no longer have to have a cold sweat in front of Aunt Gilberte’s gift, already preparing for the agreed but painful “oh how pretty” since you will have discreetly guided the choices of those around you!

You will therefore save money by offering you things that you like and that will be useful to you.

When designing your list, think of everyone: choose items of all prices, so that everyone can find a gift to make within their budget.

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