A Woman Knits Little Wool Sweaters To Keep Her Hens Warm.

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While we’re all toasty in our homes and investing in some chunky sweaters to face the winter, think about our poor feathered friends.

Battery-reared laying hens spend much, if not all of their life in cages with the sole purpose of laying as many eggs as possible.

Unfortunately, once they are released, they have a hard time acclimating to normal outdoor living conditions.

By the way, did you know that battery hens are literally trapped one on top of the other in cages superimposed on 2 or 3 floors? Doesn’t it make you want to consume organic or red label eggs?

Hens with woolen sweaters to spend the winter warm.

Battery-reared hens have far fewer feathers than others. It’s not really a problem in summer, but when the temperatures start to drop, the cold quickly becomes unbearable for the hens.

Nicola Congdon, a 25-year-old who lives in Falmouth, England, had a brilliant and adorable idea to remedy this worry: knitting woolen sweaters to keep her hens warm this winter.

She has around 60 hens, but 30 of them were previously farmed hens. The others are so-called “open air” hens and always have been.

Hens with a sweater to be warm during the winter

“It is important to make people aware of the dramatic conditions in which battery-raised hens live on a daily basis. Most people do not know that hens no longer have feathers when they retire,” says us. notice Nicola Congdon.

“Chicken sweaters are a fun way to keep my chickens warm. Plus, they’re more recognizable by their sweaters on their backs!”

Nicola and her mom, Ann, are now receiving orders for pullovers from people who have chickens all over the world. Instead of selling them for a profit, the money goes to an orphanage in South Africa.

Does this story inspire you? Do you also want to eat eggs from hens raised in the open air? Or to knit pullovers for the hens? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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