A swarm of bees follows a car for 2 days to save their queen stuck in the trunk.

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The devotion of bees to their queen knows no bounds!

This is what Carol Howarth, who lives in Haverfordwest, UK, has seen.

After having parked her car in the city center, she had no idea what was to come!

Indeed, while she was shopping, a swarm of 20,000 bees stuck to his car. Look :

bees stick to a car trying to save the queen stuck inside

A local guy, Tom Moses, observed this buzzing mess. Worried, he couldn’t see how the bees could be kept away. So he called on a team of beekeepers.

“It was spectacular. I was driving when I spotted this big brown stain on the car, ”he explains.

“A lot of people were amazed at what they saw. The cars were slowing down. And people were taking pictures. “

“I admit to you that I was still a little worried to see a swarm of bees in the middle of the city … I was afraid that someone would do something stupid and hurt themselves or hurt them. bees, ”he explains.

Beekeepers lured bees into a box

A box to attract bees

When the beekeepers began their work, the situation finally seemed to be in order.

But when Carol Howarth returned from her errands, the swarm didn’t let go of her footing and began to follow her car.

“The next day, I realized that some bees had followed me to the house,” says Carol.

She therefore called back the beekeepers who came to her aid.

The bees actually chased the car

a box is placed on the roof of the car to attract bees

“We think the Queen was drawn to something in the car, maybe something sweet. She then found a small space to sit in the back of the car, ”explains Roger Burns of the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association.

“The swarm of around 20,000 bees followed the queen and settled in the back of the car. “

The story ended well as the adventurous queen and her subjects were all reunited, without any injuries. For Roger Burns, it’s the strangest thing he’s seen in three decades of beekeeping.

“It’s natural for bees to follow their queen. But it is a strange thing to observe this phenomenon. It’s really surprising to see that a car was followed for 2 days! », He concludes.

Look at what it gives in video, it’s impressive:

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