A Stock of Free Envelopes thanks to Advertising Mail.

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Advertising letters are arriving more and more often in envelopes. Rather than throwing everything away, I take this opportunity to build up a stock of free envelopes, which I then use for my own correspondence!

Not crazy! Advertisers have understood that a letter in an envelope is more likely to not end up directly in the trash than if it is left loose in our box.

Suddenly, every other day, I find myself with proposals for sale, purchase, healer and so on, well sheltered in a white envelope, just to make me believe that it is real mail!

An Economic and Ecological Tip

Rather than throwing everything in the trash, I started a real waste hunt last year: I recycle the paper that is inside and keep the envelope, which is mostly white, without any envelopes. head (to save money) and unsealed (to save time).

As a result, at the end of the week I usually have three or four blank envelopes ready to use for my own mail. Completely free envelopes, deposited directly in my mailbox by my kind postman!

Don’t panic if the envelopes have a transparent window: a small white label (I’ll tell you about my technique to get them for free soon!) Stuck on it and you’re done. You can write the address without worry.

Do you do the same or do you have other ideas of the same kind? Leave me your testimony in comment! It might give other readers ideas!

Savings Realized

While not overpriced, envelopes typically cost around $ 2.50 for 50.

Knowing that I use about a hundred envelopes per year, this is how € 5 saved without doing anything… And so many envelopes less that end up in the trash. So why deny it?

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