A Low Cost Airplane Comparator for Cheap Travel.

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When you want to travel inexpensively by plane, the best solution is often Low Cost flights, especially in Europe.

Yes, but how do you compare the prices of low cost airlines?

There are a lot of airline ticket comparators on the Internet but most of the time they do not include low cost airlines … Not great for saving money.

Bravofly, the comparator for low cost flights

Fortunately, the Bravofly site offers a very good service for choosing your low-cost destination through a very practical and fun interactive map.

If you are leaving from Paris, I advise you to choose “All airports” directly to benefit from a maximum of choice in your destinations.

Then click on your destination country and select a departure week. The low cost airlines serving your destination are automatically displayed.

All you have to do is choose your dates and click on the “Search” button to book your low cost plane ticket. Nice no?

Many destinations at your fingertips

We are fortunate in Europe to be able to travel inexpensively with the increasing number of Low Cost companies.

Going to Sweden, Italy, or even to more exotic cities like Prague or Athens has never been easier.

Now that you have in your hands a good comparator of low cost airline tickets, you have no more excuses to indulge yourself at low prices.

Last important tip, whether it’s for the plane or the train, don’t forget to book in advance and take as little luggage as possible to get the best prices ;-).

Do you also use price comparators? What if you came to tell us in comments what good deals you have made thanks to these comparators.

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