A Fish Trapped Inside A Jellyfish Has Been Photographed!

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January 26, 2017

Here is a fish swimming inside a jellyfish!

It could be the start of a good joke.

But believe it or not, this fish really did swim inside a jellyfish!

Look at these photos which shows this bizarre and at the same time incredible sight.

a fish photographed in a jellyfish

The photo was taken by Tim Samuel, an Australian photographer.

He shared this snapshot on his Instagram account last December.

Tim saw the fish while diving in Byron Bay in Australia.

No one knows how he got inside the jellyfish!

a fish trapped in a jellyfish

The fish is trapped inside but still controls the jellyfish’s movements

the fish manages to control the movements of the jellyfish

“I understood what I was seeing very quickly,” Tim said. “I had to do 2 or 3 takes to get a good one. What I saw amazed me and at the same time made me completely perplexed. “

Unsurprisingly, Sam says he’s never seen anything like it in 5 years of photography.

And neither do we. But now we know that it can exist. And, it is true that it is difficult to look away from this strange phenomenon!

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