A cool homemade drink to keep you refreshed all day.

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During the hot weather, it is too good to drink ice water. So, to enjoy it all day long, the trick is to freeze your bottle.

For that, you just have to fill your water bottle 3/4 the day before and put it to the Frieza or in the freezer, depending on what you have at home and don’t take care of it anymore.

Your water will turn to ice overnight. When you take out your bottle the next day, it is totally frozen.

As the ice will gradually melt, the water will stay cool a good part of the day.

And there you have it, no more water bottles warmed by the sun; you have ice cold water to cool you down all day.

The smart little trick is to add mint syrup to enjoy a good fresh mint drink, it’s ideal in summer.

Woman having a cold drink: A homemade cold drink to keep you refreshed all day.

Savings Realized

You must have noticed that drinks in cafes are overpriced in summer.

Your water bottle will last you long enough that you don’t have to pay for a drink at a cafe. The Perrier or the diabolo-mint for € 3 at the local café or the can of coke for € 1.50 at the distributor, it’s over.

Now you have a super cool homemade drink that you don’t cost nothing more than your traditional tap water consumption.

And on the refreshing side, you can look, you won’t find better. Whether you are at work, or basking the pill on the beach, you can enjoyfrozen water when you want !

I adore ! And you, did you take the test? We are waiting for your verdict!

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