A cheap theater in Paris with this good plan in a magical place.

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The theater, we thought it was for others, not anymore! Culture for all, it’s here with this good plan to go to the cheap theater in Paris.

The French comedy, just that ! This splendid theater offers you seats at 5 euros. Such reductions, who says better ?

65 places are available at this price at each performance. Your ticket reservation is made one hour before the performance, this is the opportunity to have an improvised evening in this mythical theater, the class.

What to spend an unforgettable evening … a superb location, fabulous actors and magical plays. I can’t think of a better option for a successful evening. This is the perfect opportunity to dazzle your loved one.

To be honest, I took my boyfriend to see L’Avare by Molière. He was a little dubious before going … After the performance, he was delighted! He was able to rediscover a mythical play, played by incredibly talented actors. And since then it is he who buys the tickets.

Savings Realized

The theater, we don’t often think about it. It is often necessary to count 40 euros, or even more. So, at this price, we don’t necessarily want to go there and we prefer to stay, in front of his small warm window at home …

AT 5 euros instead, we no longer hesitate. I am super happy with the piece I saw. I spent an original evening that leaves the daily grind and leaves beautiful Parisian memories. I intend to return there regularly.

And you, have you ever attended a play at the Comédie Française? Have you benefited from this exceptional rate? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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