9 galleys that you will no longer have when going to the airport.

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When we go on vacation, we have so much to plan that we often forget to think of the essentials.

How to get to the airport easily and inexpensively?

Here are the 9 galleys that we have all experienced one day or another while going to the airport and that we hope to avoid in the future!

1. When you have to run in the metro with your suitcases

Very practical scooter suitcase in the metro and airport corridors

Unless you have that scooter suitcase, running in the corridors of the metro with your luggage is a hassle that we could do without. Between the turnstiles not at all designed to pass them with your suitcases, the stairs, the endless tunnels and the trains crowded with the other passengers who push you because your suitcase takes up too much space, lugging your luggage in the metro is often a real problem. Difficult situation.

2. When the RER stops between 2 stations

Taxi Greves walk to airport

Sometimes for only a few minutes, sometimes for much longer … Difficult to predict in advance the duration of its journey in these conditions to arrive on time at the airport. In the photo, these people really finished their journey to Roissy airport on foot. As you can see, they don’t have a smile …

3. When the RER is on strike

Strike Gare du Nord RER

A beautiful day of strike in the RER B as there are far too many each year …

4. When public transport is crowded

Felix Baumgartner RER B LeGorafia

Apart from attempting to cross the entire RER B line alone, few people take public transport for pleasure. It is not the users of line 13 who will contradict me.

5. When you can’t find a taxi outside your home

Taxi queue in Cannes

Hoping you will find a taxi faster than them, otherwise you might miss your flight …

6. When you come across a taxi driver who does not take the right path

The vast majority of taxis are honest and know the Paris-Orly or Paris-Roissy route perfectly well, but we have to admit it, we have all come across a driver who did not know the way or wanted to show us around the country in order to do turn up the counter …

7. When it’s too expensive

Parking meter taxi race

Between traffic jams, slowdowns, roadworks, alternative routes, the price of the trip is never easy to predict.

8. When you have to pay extra baggage

taxi luggage supplement

The icing on the cake. If it is legal and should be included in the transport budget, it is always forgotten (me first). In the end, it’s a few euros more that we would have done well.

9. When you have to wait 2 hours at the exit of the airport

Very long taxi queue at the airport

You come back from vacation, you are not the only one. There are nicer ways to end your vacation than standing in line at the airport.

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