9 Camping Tips And Tricks You Should Know.

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Are you going on a camping holiday this year?

Awesome ! Nothing better to take your mind off things!

But to go camping, you need a minimum of organization and tips to make your life easier.

Kitchen, humidity, tent equipment …

We have selected for you 9 essential tips for a great tent vacation. Look :

9 tips and tricks for camping

1. Use a can to make a stove

to make a stove with a can

How to do

1. Keep the bottom of two cans.

2. Put cotton in the bottom of the first can.

3. Turn the second bobbin over and insert it into the first.

4. Drill a few small holes on the edges and in the center of the upper part.

5. Pour a little alcohol (about 15 ml) and turn on.

Discover the trick here.

2. Use your phone light under a bottle to make a lantern

Use your phone light under a water bottle to make a lantern

How to do

1. Fill a plastic bottle with water.

2. Activate the “light” function of your phone.

3. Place your phone under the water bottle.

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3. Make portable coffee bags with coffee filters

How to make coffee while camping

How to do

1. Put a spoon of ground coffee in a coffee filter.

2. Close the bag with dental floss.

3. When you are ready to have your coffee, pretend you are using a tea bag 🙂

4. Put it in boiling water for a few minutes.

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4.Use an egg box to easily carry the charcoal to barbecue

use a cardboard egg box to transport the charcoal

How to do

1. Take an old box of 12 eggs.

2. Put pieces of charcoal in each cell.

3. Close the box with a rubber band or a piece of tape.

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5. Use a headlamp hanging from a can to light up your tent

Headlamp hung on a can for mood light

How to do

1. Fill a container with water.

2. Hang the flashlight around the canister.

3. Direct the light towards the can.

4. Light up.

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6. Tent that smells musty? Use baking soda to remove the smell without rubbing

Baking soda to eliminate musty odors in the tent

How to do

1. Pour two glasses of baking soda inside the tent.

2. Close the tent tightly.

3. Put the tent in the garbage bag.

4. Pour the third glass of baking soda over the tent to soak it up.

5. Close the garbage bag.

6. Leave on for two days.

7. Open the trash bag and shake it.

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7. Use wax-dipped makeup discs as a fire starter

Use wax-dipped makeup disks as a fire starter.

How to do

1. Take cotton pads.

2. Light a candle.

3. Run the wax on the cotton discs.

4. Let them dry.

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8. Use this checklist to never forget anything again

Complete list of equipment for hiking

Check out the trick here.

9. A clever homemade shower in 2 minutes flat!

A shower made with a plastic bottle

How to do

1. Take a plastic bottle.

2. Make holes in the bottom of the bottle with a sharp knife.

3. Screw the garden hose onto the neck of the bottle.

4. Take 2 wire hangers.

5. Hang the neck in one of the hangers as in the photo.

6. Hang the bottom of the bottle with the other hanger as in the photo.

Discover the trick here.

Your turn…

And you, what is your favorite trick? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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