8 Weeks To Save € 1,000 And Go On Vacation This Summer!

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What’s the first thing that keeps you from traveling more often?

I’m sure I know the answer! L‘silver, is not it ?

Yes, everyone would like to travel and go on vacation more often.

But with all the daily expenses, saving money for the holidays seems impossible !

Luckily, here’s a great technique that I use every year to quickly save money for our vacation.

I introduce you the challenge to save 1000 € in just 8 weeks and thus be able to go on vacation this summer. Look :

Take up the challenge to save 1000 € in just 8 weeks and go on vacation!

Click here to easily print my guide in PDF.

8 weeks to save 1000 € and go on vacation

My method is divided into 2 steps:

1. Save

2. Reduce expenses

Save ? Reduce your expenses? I know … these aren’t really the 2 most motivating things in life.

But trust me, this method is the least painful way to help you save money before you travel.

2 small steps and you’re done. You can save up to € 1,000 more in your bank account … in just 8 weeks !

And € 1,000 … it’s already a nice little budget to organize a great vacation, don’t you think?

1st step: save

There is no secret … To have a good trip, you have to put some money aside! Here are my 2 tips for successfully saving money:

– Open a dedicated bank account : Opening a new bank account for your vacation budget is the easiest and most efficient way to save money. Why ? Because it avoids using these savings for your daily expenses. Moreover, if you have a bank card for this account, hide it at home until you go on vacation!

– Set a precise and quantified goal: by setting yourself a precise and quantified goal, like here 1000 €, you have a much better chance of succeeding in putting this sum of money aside and reaching this goal. Any financial pros will tell you: those who set specific savings goals save hundreds of dollars more than those who don’t set goals.

2nd step: reduce your expenses

Another effective way to save money for a trip is to cut spending and use that money for your vacation budget. Here are the 2 expenses I cut back when I want to save money fast:

– Meals at restaurants and home deliveries : eating at a restaurant or having it delivered is much more expensive than eating at home. Do the math: just by removing a single restaurant outing of € 50 per week, you are already saving € 400 in just 2 months. Crazy, isn’t it?

– Coffees at Starbucks and others: cream coffees, cappucinos, mochas… that we are used to having before and after work are expenses that quickly add up! The proof is that you can save up to 80 € in 8 weeks by making your own coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks or another such café.


Vacation budget: how to QUICKLY save 1000 € in ONLY 8 weeks!

And there you have it, you now know my technique to quickly save 1000 € and go on vacation this summer 🙂

Easy, convenient and efficient, isn’t it?

And believe my experience, in just 8 weeks of savings and a few reductions in your spending …

… you too will have € 1,000 of travel budget in your bank account, before you even know it!

Your turn…

Have you tried this method to set aside $ 1,000 in just 8 weeks? Tell us in the comments if it was effective. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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