7 Great Deals To Get Free Accommodation During Your Trip.

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Traveling is expensive. Especially if you travel like everyone else.

There is obviously transportation, but that’s not all.

Accommodation is often the most expensive thing, especially when traveling for a long time.

So, what if we don’t know anyone who can accommodate us there?

How about being able to stay, for free, anywhere in the world?

Here are 7 great tips for hosting, for free, anywhere in the world:

Free accommodation on vacation

1. Caretaker.org

This website provides access to classified ads from homeowners looking for people to look after their homes in exchange for free accommodation.

By becoming a member (around € 30 per year for the subscription), you have access to a wide variety of offers: “house sitting”, agricultural workers on a farm, management of a motel or service for the elderly.

The destinations offered are numerous: the United States, Australia, Europe and, even, Micronesia.

In all cases, you are accommodated free of charge in return for a service that you provide.

Click here to access this site.

2. Wwoof.net

WWOOF is an acronym for “World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”. This website is a global network of farms, present in over 100 countries around the world.

The operation is simple.

Hosts offer to welcome “WWOOFers” to share their know-how, their daily life and their activities with the possibility, for the latter, of being offered board and lodging.

The activities range from simple gardening, to maintaining a farm, but also cooking, teaching or babysitting.

If you’re ready to embrace this lifestyle, there’s a good chance you’ll find an activity that’s right for you.

Woofing is a great way to gain valuable experience abroad, make new friends, and cover the cost of living in a constructive way.

Most countries require a subscription to access contact details for farms that host Wwoofers. The price of registration varies from region to region, but is never overpriced, given the experience you can get from it.

Click here to access this site.

3. Housecarers.com

If you are happy to spend your vacation house-sitting, you are sure to find what you are looking for on this website.

This site provides access to lists of people looking for people to guard their homes.

The durations can vary from a few days to a few months. Offers are available all over the world.

For security and deposit issues, you will of course have to show a white paw when registering.

There are 2 types of subscriptions. One, free, which offers limited options. And another, at $ 50, which gives you access to all services for 1 year.

Click here to access this site.

4. Couchsurfing.com

Couchsurfing is a network of people who are ready to open their homes and hearts to meet cool, thrifty travelers like you.

The site prides itself on having only quality members, and having a system in place to ensure the safety of travelers and hosts.

Obviously, that’s not why you shouldn’t take the necessary precautions before going abroad, to a person you don’t know.

But the reviews and reviews system should help you find people who are as caring as you are.

Note that the site still has more than 4 million members in over 200,000 cities around the world! You should be able to find your happiness there!

Click here to access this site.

5. Globalfreeloaders.com

Similar to Couch Surfing, Global Freeloaders is a cultural exchange program for hosts and travelers.

Registration and use is completely free, but all members are requested to welcome hosts as much as they are traveling.

In short, it’s give and take. If you host travelers 10 times, you have the option of being hosted 10 times when you travel too.

I find the principle interesting, even if the site does not look like much. By the way, when you read the testimonials on this page, you realize that users love the service!

Click here to access this site.

6. Servas.org

Servas is a non-profit association, which allows meetings between people from different countries and different cultures.

It is an association independent of any political, philosophical or religious tendency or organization.

This international network brings together more than 15,000 members on all continents.

Founded over 50 years ago, Servas brings people of all backgrounds to visit and get to know each other as part of their daily lives.

How it works ? Hosts welcome travelers to their homes for typically 2 nights (or more) and also offer dinner.

To ensure that travelers and hosts meet as smoothly as possible, travelers must complete a face-to-face interview before being accepted into the program.

Once accepted, travelers have access to a list of all hosts in their destination country. Be aware that there are membership fees that vary from country to country.

Click here for this site (in English) and here for the French version of the site.

7. Hospitalityclub.org

Hospitality Club is a completely free website for both guests and travelers.

Site security is ensured by a series of passport controls, as well as a commenting system between hosts and travelers.

The site has nearly 350,000 members in more than 200 different countries.

Click here to access this site.

And there you have it, you now know the best sites to be hosted for free abroad 🙂

If you know of others or if you have already tested these sites, tell us about your experiences in the comments here.

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