6 Tips For Choosing THE Best Seat On The Plane.

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How about choosing “The Best Seat” on the plane?

It could be very useful for your next trip.

Easy to say ?

Well, not anymore!

Follow these smart tips and find THE right place to book your plane ticket!

6 tips for finding the best seat on the plane

The 6 tips in detail

1. Need to store a bag? Choose your seat in the back.
Storage spaces tend to be filled first at the front of the aircraft.

2. Are you going with your baby? Prefer the seats behind the
partitions. They offer a little more space.

3. Are you a cinephile? Don’t reserve a middle seat. These seats do not offer a good view of the screens.

4. Do you fancy a little more legroom? Choose a place behind a partition, which does not have a seat in front.

5. The further to the rear of the plane you go, the more space between the seats increases.

6. Do not choose seats close to the aisles, as they are vulnerable to impact from food and beverage carts.


There you are, you know how to choose your seat on the plane 🙂

Also remember to look at the legend to choose a seat far from the toilet, silent, away from the kitchen, ideal for sleeping, with a clear view, without risk of getting cold or offering the best chance of survival in the event of a problem!

It only remains for me to wish you good flight!

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