6 Free Games To Entertain Your Children In The Car Without Breaking The Bank.

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When my kids were younger, car trips were often a headache.

Like many parents at vacation time, I therefore tried to find tips to keep them occupied.

To avoid their boredom, I therefore put together a few things to keep them occupied during the trip, to try by those who do not have a portable DVD player!

1. The plate game

A car number plate.

Just choose one department number (it is more difficult with the new plates!) and to search during a given time for the cars which carry it on their plate. Whoever has counted the most at the end of the elapsed time wins!

For the little ones, replace the department number with the color of the car. Or by a particular model, for example.

2. Karaoke

A little girl singing karaoke

Take a singer your kids love, and let them sing!

We turn on the CD, we can start singing with it and continue when the disc stops… (To be dosed moderately so as not to crack on the parents side.)

3. The rhymes or portmanteau words

Rhyme and portmanteau game

The playmaker throws a word and each in turn must find a word that rhymes. Change words regularly.

Hedgehog, sheep, can, brown, boy….

For the portmanteau words: one word is started by a player and the next player must find another word evoked by the previous one, either by proximity phonetic, either by association of ideas, And so on.

Example: mom, child, baby, baba, rum, Italy, pasta, modeling …

4. The mysterious object

Mystery: the game of the mysterious object.

You think of a object and children have to guess what it is by asking you questions that you do not answer that by yes or no.

To change, play the same game with a character (cartoon hero for example).

5. A tale to listen to

CDs to burn.

The CDs written and told by Marlène Jobert are only one possibility among others, it’s time to reconnect with your childhood memories, and listen again with your children Pierre and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals and other classics that will charm you all.

But you can also tell your own story, and better yet, add a piece each in turn!

Now it’s up to you to be creative and let your imagination run wild. Good road ! And do not hesitate to give us here your own findings in comments.

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