5 Rules for Keeping Good Resolutions.

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We will take our good resolutions for the new year.

After a few days, if we have not already given up, we will quickly realize how difficult it is to hold them.

So how do I stay motivated and go the distance ?

The situation is well known, when the New Year arrives, you are always full of motivation to make big changes in your life and become a better person.

What resolutions?

Happy New Year's Resolutions

Some people say “Monday I quit smoking”. Others announce “I am starting a diet and I will have lost 3 kg by the end of January”. Finally we have all heard “from next week, I will run every morning before going to work”.

We run into more rarely but it happens, on resolutions like “before the end of the year, I speak Chinese”.

Sometimes we even decide to do everything at the same time: “I start exercising every morning, I quit smoking, I lose 3 kg and I speak Chinese before the end of the year!”

Studies show that only 12% of us can keep our resolutions. How is it that 88% fail?

Rule n ° 1

Take only one resolution.

You only have to choose one resolution. The one for which we are the most determined. Solving problems one by one is always easier.

Rule n ° 2

To weigh the pros and cons

To weigh the pros and cons. Are there some aspects of my resolution that I am having trouble with that I might fail? If you start a diet, think that you will be able to dine less often with your friends for example …

Rule n ° 3

Stay motivated.

Believe in yourself and set a “realistic” goal.

It’s not a dream, it’s a resolution. It is necessary to set a quantifiable and realistic goal and to know that you have all the qualities to get there: motivation, time, resources and support from loved ones!

Deciding to lose weight is a goal “attainable“If we are sure we can do everything to get there. Otherwise we risk finding all possible excuses and quitting.

Rule n ° 4

Go step by step.

Break down your objectives well into several steps.

For those who have decided to jog every day, you have to start with 1 jog during the week and 1 at the weekend. If you get there after 2 weeks then increase the pace and lengthen your running times.

Rule n ° 5

Change resolution every year.

Do not take the same resolution every year.

Choosing a new resolution allows you to start on the right foot rather than having in mind the failures of past years.

So try to choose a resolution that is important to you and even that gives you pleasure, such as going to massages or treatments more often!

Happy New Year everyone !

Your turn…

And you, do you make resolutions? Tell us which ones by leaving a comment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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